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With a Target Weight of 0.03070, Should You Own More Blackline Safety Corp. (TSXV:BLN)?

A recent look at ownership and volatility brings us to a 0.03070 target portfolio weight (as a decimal) for Blackline Safety Corp. (TSXV:BLN) Target weight is the volatility adjusted recommended stock position size for a position in your portfolio.  The maximum target weight is 7% for any given stock.  The indicator is based off of the 100 day volatility reading and calculates a […]

NewMarket Corporation (NYSE:NEU)’s Suggested Target Weight Stands at 0.04970 For Portfolios

When investors are recalibrating their portfolios they should take a look at current volatility levels and the target weight calculation of a given stock.  NewMarket Corporation (NYSE:NEU) has a current target weight (% as a decimal) of 0.04970.  This means that any balanced portfolio should not be holding more than this percentage of stock within their holdings group.  This number is based […]

Are Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX:ENGH) and Spigen Korea Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:A192440) Generating Enough Return on Equity For Investors?

Today we are spotlighting shares of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX:ENGH) and looking at how the firm stacks up in terms of valuation by the numbers.  One of the most important ratios to look at when weighing an investment decision is the Return on Equity of the company.  At the time of writing Enghouse Systems Limited has an ROE of 0.180154. With ROE, Investors […]

Are sTraffic Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:A234300), Ribbon Communications Inc. (NasdaqGS:RBBN) Providing the Returns Investors Are Looking For?

Placing sTraffic Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:A234300) shares under the microscope we note that the firm has a current Return on Equity of -0.223374.  Simply put, this ratio determines how well the firm uses investment funds to generate profit.  This ratio is often considered “the mother of all ratios” as it often reveals how well a company is operating. When doing stock research, there […]

Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI) Earnings Growth & Valuation in Focus

Honing in on the valuation of Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI), we can take a look at several ratios. One of the quickest ways to determine the projected value of a stock is the price to earnings growth, or PEG ratio. This formula was popularized by Peter Lynch and according to his calculations, a stock which is fairly valued will have a price […]

National Storage Affiliates Tru (NSA) Aroon Oscillator Trickles Downward

National Storage Affiliates Tru (NSA) shares are under watch as the Aroon Oscillator is showing a negative trend building.  The Aroon indicator, popularized by technician Tushar Chande, can be used to determine a likely direction for a particular market on several different time frames. It can be used in forex, stock or commodity markets. Since Chande began discussing the indicator in […]

Is the 0.022382 Shareholder Yield For Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. ($BLMN) a Trigger?

Shareholder yield has gained increased attention in recent months as a key valuation metric. The measure compares the cash flow a firm is “returning to shareholders” to a stock’s market value. Shareholder yield is similar to the price-to-free cash flow ratio or enterprise value-to-EBITDA. Like those more traditional measures, shareholder yield attempts to show the relationship between cash generated by […]