The apples don‘t fall far from the tree for the Trump boys, whether it‘s being involved in the family business or perfecting a smile that‘s actually somewhere between a sneer and simply baring one‘s teeth. 

The eldest Trump sons — Eric and Donald Jr. — certainly don‘t disappoint in reminding us of their old man, President Donald Trump, and all of his many, many foibles on a regular basis.

In fact, here are 13 photos that do exactly that. 

Awkward family interactions

President Trump has made a cottage industry of his weird interactions with First Lady Melania, and the boys have also been captured in weird states of familial affection, whether with their father or together.  

“Hello, I am very happy to be here next to this, my father. There, father, I am touching you to show my affection.”

Image: Getty Images

Eric whispers, “It‘s okay, I know you love Junior more but one day, oh yes, father, one day I will have my vengeance.”

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“Hello, yes, look at us, two human brothers having a playful interaction! Why, brother Eric, you seem to still have some smarm on your face!”

Image: Getty Images

“Ha ha, good one, Eric, but you‘d do well to remember that I, as the oldest, am the recipient of the Trump fortune or family debts, whichever is left by the time this shit storm is all said and done. So ha ha hands off ha ha I am laughing because we are jovial!”

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And, of course, just , the boys seem to really, really prefer Ivanka over Tiffany. .

“Hooray! We are a family celebrating this joyous moment together! And with Tiffany! Stay over there, Tiffany.”

Image: Carolyn Kaster/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Weird gesturing

Big Daddy Donald likes to make whenever he speaks, perhaps to distract the utter nonsense that often comes out of his mouth. But it‘s a habit and one the boys have picked up on. 

“We ‘won‘ the election. See? Air quotes are easy!”

Image: AFP/Getty Images

While Eric looks off into space, Don Jr. gets the weird duck face/thumbs up combo down.

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President Trump and so do the boys. It‘s how you get people to believe you! Maybe they read that in one of their dad‘s books that was actually ghostwritten by someone else and hasn‘t been relevant in 25 years. 

“I see you, America! I see you! MAGA! Lock her up! Witch Hunt! POINT!”

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Image: The Washington Post/Getty Images

The hair

Look, it‘s a cheap shot, but it‘s . The Trump men have not been favored with good hair styles. 

There will be no modeling contracts for these guys, not even at Supercuts.

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Poppa Trump has absolutely no poker face when it comes to with things he absolutely does not care about, which is probably about 85 percent of his day. And, yes, this has been passed on, particularly to Don Jr. who has the look down. 

“I‘d rather be drinking Zima on my private yacht, DAD.”

Image: WireImage

“No, this is, like, suuuuuper exciting, Dad. I love this reality gameshow. Totally great. So much fun. NOT.”

Image: Ali Goldstein/NBC-TV/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

“Huh? What? Oh, we have no idea, Dad. We‘ve been playing Candy Crush. I have no idea who that new hotel contract is with. Totally not an authoritarian dictator, though. Nope, ha ha, learned our lesson on that one!”

Image: Getty Images

Whether or not Eric and Don Jr. continue to follow their father so closely once he leaves the White House, it‘s comforting to know we‘ll still have plenty of reasons to continue disliking them.