African-American support of Trump at 36%, almost double from last year – poll Support for US President Donald Trump among black voters is currently at 36 percent, almost double the number from last year, according to a new poll. It comes despite reports that a tape exists of Trump using the N-word.

The 36 percent approval rating, revealed in a Rasmussen poll on Thursday, is a huge surge from the same day last year, when his approval among black voters was 19 percent.

The number is also a massive jump from the 2016 election, when Trump received just eight percent of the black vote.

The leap is considered highly significant for a Republican president, as the African-American community largely votes Democratic in every election.

The surge is likely largely due to the fact that black unemployment hit a record low of 5.9 percent in May, one of Trump’s main selling points during his speeches. His opponents usually counter by mentioning that the most dramatic drop in black unemployment actually came during the Obama administration, when it slid from 16.8 percent to 7.8 percent, though that took almost the entirety of Obama’s two terms – March 2010 to January 2017.

“More Americans, including black Americans, are finding job opportunities – and by that I mean, it‘s not just ‘you must take the one job you find.‘ You are seeing that there are multiple opportunities…” Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy Research told RT.

Meanwhile, reports are swirling that a tape exists in which Trump allegedly used the N-word while working on his reality show “The Apprentice.” The reports have come to light amid a bitter dispute between Trump and Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former contestant on the show who later became a political aide to Trump.

It also comes just days after late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel grilled Trump supporter Kanye West on his political leanings, prompting criticism online. , West noted the pre-conception that African-Americans are expected to be Democrats.

“As a musician, African-American guy out in Hollywood…everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me. And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldn‘t say it out loud or my career would be over, I‘d get kicked out of the black community, because blacks, we‘re supposed to have a monolithic thought – we can only be Democrats…” West told Kimmel.

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