You know how the saying goes — once you go full HD, you‘ll never go back. OK, so that isn‘t a common saying, but we‘re sure someone has said it at least once. 

Even though it might not be the phrase on everyone‘s lips, the point still stands. Full HD is an essential for a modern TV and once you‘ve had a taste you don‘t want to return to a TV that suddenly looks tired. 

With the , you can experience all your favourite shows, movies and more in the detail and enriched colour that we have come to expect from a modern day TV. You can also watch Freeview shows live or record them for later with the Sharp 40-inch HDTV’s record-to-USB functionality. 

This TV is usually listed at £209 but is currently available for , including delivery, if you use the code at checkout. 

We challenge you to find a better TV for £164. You can‘t, can you?