A first-of-its-kind global crackdown on illicit drugs has resulted in the confiscation of some 55 tons of narcotics in 93 nations.

The effort coordinated by INTERPOL and its subsidiaries, called Operation Lionfish, led to the arrest of 1,300 suspects and left police around the world holding 35 tons of confiscated cocaine, five tons of heroin, 15 tons of cannabis and 430,000 Captagon tablets.

“In Brazil, authorities in the port of Santos discovered almost 1.2 tons of cocaine concealed in a steamroller on a ship bound for Côte d’Ivoire,” INTERPOL said. “Authorities in the Netherlands dismantled a clandestine lab in a private house with the capacity to produce 700,000 MDMA or ecstasy pills.”

Col. Abdulla Alshamsi of the UAE’s Federal General Department of Anti-Narcotics said crimes are not restricted by borders.

“Given its strategic geographical position with more than 125 million air passengers yearly, the UAE is vulnerable to potential transiting of illicit drugs,” he said. Thanks to the vigilance of its officers and to its third consecutive participation in INTERPOL’s operations against illicit drugs, the UAE is taking concrete steps to overcome the threat of drug trafficking on its soil and towards other destinations.”

Five regional headquarters were involved, the report said.