‘82-yo pilot’ killed in two-plane mid-air collision over Ottawa Two planes have collided in mid-air over Ottawa, Canadian police report. A smaller aircraft has crashed in a field, killing the pilot, while the larger one was redirected for landing.

The planes collided over the city’s west end in Carp, Ontario on Sunday morning local time. Police have confirmed that both planes involved in the incident were light aircraft.

Police and paramedics are attending the crash site. The pilot of the crashed plane was killed in the incident, Ottawa paramedics have confirmed. The man was 82-years-old and a recreational pilot, a CTV Ottawa reporter said, citing informed sources.

The second plane, which was reportedly carrying a father and a son, sustained minor damages in the collision and was redirected to the Ottawa international airport. The plane landed there safely and its occupants were unharmed during the incident.

The incident unfolded just outside Carp Airport – a popular center for Canada’s general aviation enthusiasts.

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