Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid is again speaking out about the number of random drug tests he has been subjected to, implying that he feels the tests aren’t so random.

“This is supposed to be a random system,” Reid , according to the Charlotte Observer. “It doesn’t feel very random.”

Reid has only been with the team since the end of September, but he has already been six drug tests, Sporting News reported.

The former San Francisco 49ers safety who became one of the original players to protest during the national anthem has talked about the drug tests before.

After being ejected from a November 8 game for making with Ben Roethlisberger’s head, Reid was ordered to take a drug test as part of his penalty. Later, he spoke of the drug tests the media, “This is like the fifth time since I’ve been here … They’re not going to catch me on anything.”

The NFL’s drug test system is supposed to be set up of random tests of players chosen by a computer program to ensure it is truly random.