Amazing 3D images of Russia’s last Royal family by #Romanovs100 (PHOTOS) #Romanovs100 transformed 10 rare photographs from the Romanov private archives into 3D to suit Facebook’s latest feature and the results are stunning.

is an award-winning multi-platform digital history project commemorating the Romanov family on the centenary of their execution. Using , , , and – the team distributed some 4000 photographs from the family’s archive. The Romanov couple and their children were avid photographers and having had access to the latest tech of their time – left a vast photo heritage.

Provided with the opportunity Facebook offered by rolling out its 3D image support, #Romanovs100 released a set of 10 photos remastered to appear as three dimensional. You can see the full gallery .

This autumn at the Drum Social Buzz 2018 awards in London as well as a in Hollywood. And earlier it was prized .