Ashton Kutcher admits he broke gun laws while tweeting about need for gun laws Actor Ashton Kutcher inadvertently proved the point of gun rights advocates everywhere in a tweet he posted in response to the Thousand Oaks shooting calling for more gun control laws.

Perhaps trying to show his followers how easy it was to get a gun in the US, he shared that a friend had given him one as a gift – unaware that California laws already prohibit firearm transfers without a background check and a 10-day waiting period. They also prohibit possession of that gun without a license. Kutcher essentially admitted to breaking at least two laws on Twitter, in an effort to demonstrate how only laws will stop gun violence.

Twitter was understandably nonplussed. 

Kutcher‘s tweet was a response to Wednesday night‘s mass in which Ian David Long, an ex-Marine who served in Afghanistan, allegedly opened fire at a Thousand Oaks bar, killing 12, including a security guard and a sheriff‘s deputy responding to the scene, before shooting himself.

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