Choosing outfits can be a difficult task, especially when you have two options that are both home runs.

Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter on Saturday asking for the internet‘s help in choosing an outfit — not for her, but for her and John Legend‘s son Miles. Teigen was torn between two different tuxedos for Legend‘s 40th birthday.

Miles, who looks almost exactly like his father, had two options: a black tux and a white tux, and Teigen posted a poll to let the public help her decide which one they would go with.

As it currently stands, the sharp white tux is winning by a pretty big margin, but one Twitter user pointed out that this quandary could easily be solved by choosing both outfits instead of picking one or the other.

Another reply suggested that Teigen put him in whichever color Legend isn‘t wearing, considering how similar they look.

I mean come on.

In the end, Teigen decided to go with white (which also had a commanding lead in the poll on Saturday).

Hopefully Legend wasn‘t wearing a white tux too, that would be embarrassing.