Fox News‘s Twitter account is being rightfully dragged on Twitter for publishing and tweeting a “news” story about Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens having a job at a Trader Joe‘s in New Jersey.

Twitter people pointed out that the story, which was aggregated from the Daily Mail and refers to Owens as having been “spotted” working at Trader Joe‘s like some kind of rare Pokémon, reads like a mean-spirited attempt to shame him for working outside of the entertainment industry — as if anything an actor does after being on TV is a fall from grace. Many people stepped to Owens‘ defense.

Other actors on Twitter also pointed out that many of them work regular jobs in addition to acting, sometimes for the healthcare but often just because — and this is a real shock — people need money to live. 

It goes without saying that a man having a job is from the legacy of The Cosby Show, but Fox News just had to go there. And now they have Twitter to contend with.