Insult to injury: Medical cart runs over stricken Brazilian player’s foot (VIDEO) Medical carts are meant to bring relief to injured players but one physio team attending to a football player in Brazil ended up doing the opposite by running over his foot.

Youth team player Bernardo was down injured during the first half of Trindade’s U20 Copa Sao Paulo match against Flamengo.

As the physio team raced into action in the medical cart, the driver rolled over the player’s foot, causing him yet more agony.

Bernardo moves away in pain after the errant driving – although the medical staff seemed completely unaware, with one even smiling.

Bernardo is later seen being moved away on the cart, still holding his head in his hands in pain.

Thankfully for him he later came back onto the pitch as his team beat Flamengo 1-0 at the Estádio Municipal Alfredo Chiavegato.