Sep 22, 2018 at 4:15 AM

I respond to the Thursday Dispatch article “Rolling out the routes” regarding the new bicycle routes in Clintonville. When I was biking 50 miles a week from my house on Piedmont Road, I did not need $91,813 in painted signs to direct me down Piedmont to Whetstone Park and beyond. I doubt that today I would risk biking on East Torrence Road to get to the park, given how busy the intersection is with people eager to get their coffee and hamburgers.

A bigger concern for using Torrence and Piedmont either to drive or bike is the current state of the road. The money would have been better spent repaving the road. Piedmont is a patchwork mess of patched potholes, cracked pavement, and a far-too-bumpy ride for bikes or cars. Finally, the city might want to do a little more research given the small number of bikes I see on the bike boulevard. It doesn‘t make sense to paint all those expensive street signs.

Jean Hoitsma, Columbus