Sep 22, 2018 at 4:15 AM

A lifetime seat on the Supreme Court is one of our country’s most powerful positions. The person nominated should therefore be carefully and fully examined. Unfortunately, the majority party has decided it will confirm Brett Kavanaugh before the midterm election and is working on a schedule to accomplish that goal.

In Kavanaugh’s opening statement, he spoke of the importance of an independent judiciary and the need to keep the court above partisan politics. If this is true, the hearing should be halted or Kavanaugh should withdraw his own nomination.

This nomination and the previous one became political when the majority party decided not to consider President Obama’s nomination for political reasons. It continued when President Trump as a candidate vowed to appoint anti-choice, pro-gun judges to gain votes.

Because President Trump is not always truthful he enlisted highly political organizations to compile a list of judges with these views. In order to approve a judge on a straight partisan vote if necessary the 60-vote rule was suspended.

Now, with the limiting of information by the majority party, the process has become completely partisan.

Donna Bartram, Columbus