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In my feminist utopia, sanitary pads and tampons are provided free of charge by the United States government.

In my current reality, they‘re offered at $4 bucks a pack at CVS — and that‘s with the savings from my CVS card.

We‘re a long way from menstruation equality, which makes of the “tampon tax” a critical step forward.

Nevada voted to do away with their 6.85% sales tax imposed on sanitary pads and tampons. 

Hygiene products are typically taxed at this rate. However, Nevada decided to drop the tax given that tampons — unlike, say, luxury soap — are considered medical necessities.

is now among 10 that have eliminated the tax, including New York, Minnesota, Illinois, and Florida. 

have argued that the cost of pads and tampons is too high, especially for low-income residents. Women who don‘t have access to these products may miss work or school, they explain.

We‘re shattering the glass ceiling, folks, one tampon at a time.