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Alcidion Group Limited (ALC.AX) Shares Run 7.14% For the Quarter

Alcidion Group Limited (ALC.AX) have climbed 7.14% higher over the course of the past quarter revealing positive directional momentum for the stock. In taking a look at recent performance, we can see that shares have moved -2.17% over the past week, 0.00% over the past 4-weeks, -15.09% over the past half year and -15.09% over the past full year. Investors are often faced […]

Keltner Channel Watch for This Stock: SPDR Blmbg Barclays Convert Secs ETF (:CWB): 20 Day Lower Band is 48.076893

On a typical market day there is no shortage of stock news. Investors are often tasked with trying to decipher which news is worth paying attention to and which isn’t. Not only is there plenty of swirling news, there are usually plenty of opinions that follow. Closely following market sentiment can be useful for some, but it may impede others […]

Market Review: Checking in on Shares of Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (NYSE:WAB)

Some individual investors may rely heavily on Wall Street analyst opinions when conducting their own stock research. Focusing in on shares of Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (NYSE:WAB), we have seen that the average broker rating is currently 1.8. This average rating follows a numerical scale where a 1 would signify a Strong Buy rating, and a 5 would indicate […]

Trading Update: Antares Pharma (ATRS) Currently Above Chikou Line

Tracking shares of Antares Pharma (ATRS), we have noted that the current price is above the Chikou. Traders following this signal will be watching for possible future upward momentum. Stock market investing can sometimes cause investors heads to spin. Following stocks on a daily basis, it is plain to see the amount of coverage that follows certain companies. This non-stop […]

Momentum Watch: Nomad Foods Limited Ordinary Sh (NOMD) Spotted Above Chikou

At current levels, Nomad Foods Limited Ordinary Sh (NOMD) is trading on top of the Chikou. If the stock continues to stay above the line, traders might be anticipating a possible upward momentum swing. Investors looking to secure stock market profits may be tweaking an existing strategy or looking to devise a brand new one. As the stock market keeps […]

OceanaGold Corporation (TSX:OGC)’s Target Porfolio Weight Shifts to 0.02520 After 0.33494 Sales Growth

OceanaGold Corporation (TSX:OGC) have seen a year over year change of sales growth of 0.33494.  The 2210810 market value company based out of Australia is an important player in the Mining sector. While sales growth can be a key driver for a company’s stock performance, there are many other factors to consider as well.  Here we’ll take a look at several other notable […]

Velocityshares 1X Long Vstoxx Futures ETN (EVIX) AO Trending Down This Week

The Awesome Oscillator for Velocityshares 1X Long Vstoxx Futures ETN (EVIX) is showing a five day consistent downtrend, signaling building market momentum for the shares.  Author and trader Bill Williams created The Awesome Oscillator Indicator (AO) and outlined the theory and calculation in his book “New Trading Dimensions”.  The indicator shows the difference between two simple moving averages that can […]