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Gcp Applied Technologies Inc C (GCP): Where do the Charts Think The Stock is Heading? ADX Points to a ‘Sell’

Checking in on the short-term signals on Gcp Applied Technologies Inc C (GCP), we note that the current 7-day average directional indicator is Sell. This signal may be used to determine the market trend. The 7-day directional strength is Weak . This trend strength indicator measures the signal based on historical performance where minimum would represent the weakest, and maximum would […]

Checking on Key Pivot Levels for Akorn, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKRX): Woodie Pivot at 3.505

Doing the necessary homework, investors have a wealth of information about publically traded stocks. Figuring out which ones are going to steadily outperform can be a tricky task. Many investors opt to follow what covering sell-side analysts think about certain stocks. Following analyst updates to estimates and targets may help gauge overall stock sentiment. However, solely following analyst views may […]

Interpace Diag Grp (IDXG) Showing Negative Momentum in the Technicals

Shares of Interpace Diag Grp (IDXG) recently touched 0.85, which places the stock below the Ichimoku cloud, indicating bearish momentum and a potential sell signal for the equity.  Shares of Interpace Diag Grp opened the last session at 0.834, touching a high of 0.85 and a low of 0.822 , yielding a change of -0.0083. Investors may already be plotting the course for the next […]

Stock Mover: Trading Update on Shares of Taylor Wimpey (TW.L)

Taking a close up look at some recent trading information, we see that Taylor Wimpey (TW.L) has recently reached $177.95. At current levels, the stock has seen a move of 1.42% or $2.50 since the beginning of the session. At last check, session volume for the stock was sitting at 4764585. Taking into account the current market climate, investors may […]

Pulling the Curtain Back on Cranswick plc ($CWK.L)’s Shareholder Yield of 0.009138

Shareholder yield has gained increased attention in recent months as a key valuation metric. The measure compares the cash flow a firm is “returning to shareholders” to a stock’s market value. Shareholder yield is similar to the price-to-free cash flow ratio or enterprise value-to-EBITDA. Like those more traditional measures, shareholder yield attempts to show the relationship between cash generated by […]

Should Sangsin Energy Display Precision Co.,Ltd. (KOSDAQ:A091580), Systemax Inc. (NYSE:SYX) Shares Be on Watch? ROE & Quant in Focus

Placing Sangsin Energy Display Precision Co.,Ltd. (KOSDAQ:A091580) shares under the microscope we note that the firm has a current Return on Equity of 0.144162.  Simply put, this ratio determines how well the firm uses investment funds to generate profit.  This ratio is often considered “the mother of all ratios” as it often reveals how well a company is operating. When doing stock […]

Berkshire Hills Bancorp (BHLB) Aroon Signals Rolling Downward

Berkshire Hills Bancorp (BHLB)’s Aroon Oscillator is showing an increased downward trend for the shares.  Traders should take close watch on current levels and monitor the strength of the trend.  As a forecasting tool, many traders value time as much as they value price. The Aroon indicator differs from other price momentum oscillators because it exploits both of these market attributes. […]