The Abominable Snowman of Apple products — — is resurfacing. But we‘ll believe that the technological monster myth is real when we see it.

The Hong Kong website ChargerLAB reported, via a “credible source,” that AirPower wireless charging mats are already in production. Separately, mentioned he had heard that Apple overcame its ongoing production problems with AirPower. Taken together, these developments suggest the long-gestating tech might finally become a reality.

We‘ve heard this song and dance before, though.

AirPower was the wireless charging mat that Apple . But since that initial tease, we‘ve seen nada, zip, zilch of any actual materialization.

In March 2018, there was also evidence that AirPower was coming “any day now,” as . But by April, a Bloomberg report showed the product was . 

Since then, the mats have been from Apple events, where they always go unmentioned. Reports circulated that the production was struggling with . Some even reported that the project had been . 

Mashable senior tech correspondent Raymond Wong is similarly skeptical.

So where are we with AirPower? Canceled, or coming soon? 

With the amount of rumors swirling around this product launch, it‘s simply too soon to say. Until we see an actual announcement from Apple itself, we‘ll assume AirPower is where it has been for months: nowhere.

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