‘Stand tall, be proud’: Man City’s Sterling writes touching letter to racially abused youngster Manchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling has written a moving letter to a young football fan who was racially abused, encouraging the boy to “stand tall and be proud of who you are.”

The boy, named Ethan, was reportedly the victim of abuse which was detailed by his grandmother. 

Sterling, 24, who was himself allegedly racially abused at a game at Chelsea earlier this season, replied with a heartfelt note on paper with the Manchester City letterhead, which has now been widely shared on social media.

“I have recently been told from your loving Nanna Sue about the tough time you are having with racial abusem” the letter begins. 

“Remember to stand tall and be proud of who you are and don‘t let them take away your courage.

“You are strong and very brave, and your Nanna is also very proud of you. Keep being you kid. Remember speaking up doesn‘t always make life easy, but easy never changed anything,” Sterling adds. 

Sterling spoke out after he was allegedly targeted with abuse during the Premier League game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on December 8.

He responded by accusing some elements of the UK of “fuelling racism,” and asked them to report “fairly” when writing about young black players.

Sterling also became the face of a new Nike campaign with the message “easy never changed anything,” which he quoted in his letter to the youngster.